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UK, 1953 (MIFF 1954, Going Places)

Based on original research by Adrian dc Potier. This composite film traces the history of powered (light from 1903 to its Golden Jubilee in 1953. The film is concerned primarily with Britain's part in aviation history, but credit is also given to the vital contributions of other countries. Starting with the historic flight of the Wright Brothers, the film culminates in the new challenges of the jet age. We are shown the very early pioneers &ndash: Bleriot, Farnurn and Santos-Dumont &ndash: and the classic flights of Alcock and Brown, Kingsfor &ndash: Smith, Cobham, Lindbergh, Graham White and Amy Johnson. The development of the Spitfire from the S.6.B., winner of the Schneider Trophy, is emphasised, and the extent of the contribution of the aeroplane to both World Wars in illustrated.

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