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Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome

USA, 1954 (MIFF 1957, Experiments from America)

Director: Kenneth Anger

"Within the Abbey of Thelema, Lord Shiva wakes. The Scarlet Woman presents the mandragore, and a glamour is cast. A convocation of enchantresses and theurgists in the form of saints: Aphrodite, lsis, Sepmet, Astarte, offer their talismans charged with the energies of the Aeon. Arrival of the Great God Pan bearing the Gift of the Wood.

The Elixir of Hecate is served by the Somnambulist Communion of the Saints. Pan's drink is venomed by Lord Shiva with an initiatic power hidden in the Gnostic ring. The enchantment of Pan. Astarte withdraws with the glistening net of Love.

The arrival of the Secret Chief Invocation of the Formless Fire. The ceremonies of Consummation are presided over by the Great Beast Shiva and the Scarlet Woman Kali." Kenneth Anger provides this interpretation for a complex film, conceived as a "Mystery in Three Mansions" - a tribute to the occult world of Aleister Crowley, Master Magician, known as The Master Therion or The Great Beast 666. Crowley was founder of the esoteric philosophy of Thelema.

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