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South Korea, 1957 (MIFF 1958, Programme 5)

Director: Lee Il

This delightful Korean film is an almost fairytale comedy of how a slave girl becomes the bride of a rich young man. The story would be charming in any setting, but in this Eastern background, the delight of the comedy is heightened. The conventions and formalities and traditions of Korean family life form an enchanting frame for the story; the homes, the village, the tea-drinking, the clothes — particularly those wide-brimmed hats fashioned of fragile stiffened net — in fact the whole exotic pattern of faraway-life.

The film moves at a leisurely pace in keeping with its subject and period, and the clear lightness of the camerawork is also appropriate. The acting throughout is notably good and skilful, and sensitive direction ensures that the potentialities of the story and setting are realized.

Wedding Day certainly appeals to a Western audience because of its novelty and exotic freshness but it' is not only that &ndash: its value as a work of art is not inconsiderable. It is the kind of film that adds joy and purpose to an international festival.

Wedding Day was awarded the prize for comedy at the 1957 Asian Film Festival.

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