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Poland, 1957 (MIFF 1959, Programme 4)

Director: T. Chmielewski

A striking illustration of Poland's new place in the top bracket of world cinema, No Place for Eve to Sleep is a nice blend of poetry and parody.

The film opens with Eve arriving at her boarding school one morning only to find that it ill officially closed. The caretaker won't let her in and with nowhere to go, she wanders the city streets until nightfall, becoming involved in many peculiar events. What develops is a satire on pompous bureaucracy; silly police, comic opera criminals and prostitution in review. The film is best enjoyed on the understanding that established:. institutions in Poland are being ridiculed unmercifully. Barbara Kiratkowsko (Eve) makes her film debut with freshness, grace and personal charm, while the supporting cast, technical aspects: sustained direction and lilting musical score corn-i; bine to make this a fine production.

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