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Romania, 1960 (MIFF 1961, Programme 36)

Director: Liviu Ciulei

On a peaceful, warm summer day, a barge was sailing on the Danube. The brown uniforms of the Fascist guards leave no doubt as to the ship's cargo - arms and ammunition.

However, the guards are not alone on deck. A young woman and two men, obviously sailors, make up the crew. Anna is the wife of Mihai, the helmsman, who has been ordered to transport the dangerous cargo. Toma, the third member, is a former convict. Suspicious of Toma's movements, Mihai begins to doubt his wife, but when the weapons vanish he realises the truth - Toma is a partisan.

This political melodrama, in which the director plays a leading role, received a major prize at the 1960 Karlovy Vary Festival. It is one of the few Rumanian features seen in Australia and gives an insight into production in that country.

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