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Poland, 1960 (MIFF 1962)

Director: Janusz Morgenstern

See You Tomorrow is the first feature film by director Janusz Morgenstern, a graduate of the Polish Film School and still in his twenties. Brilliantly photographed, it embodies a natural urge for experiment and a genuine sense of film style. It is the story of a young romance that goes astray. Set against the background of a small Students' Theatre, the film follows the love affair of its director with a French diplomat's daughter. The streets, churches, theatres, cafes, tennis courts and beaches provide the environment. Students connected with the satirical theatre "Bim-Bom" in Gdansk round out the cast, which is led by Cybulski, who is their director both in life and in this film.

It is felt that, if it is anybody's film, it is his, and perhaps Morgenstern has been influenced by Cybulski's directorial style as well as his screen play. It is unmistakeably Cybulski who creates, maintains and changes almost at will the moods of superficial longing for social status and identity, and the more personal and profound longing for companionship. In any case they have made an ambitious "off-beat" film which embodies the restless experimentation of young people the world over.

See You Tomorrow received the award for the

Best Director at the Stratford Film Festival, 1961.

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