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Romania, 1961 (MIFF 1963)

Director: Ion Popescu Gopo

This is an engaging burlesque on the struggle for atomic power, and includes a number of penetrating and amusing side-swipes at the customs of the West. Set in an unidentified country, it tells of a group of gangsters who manage to steal a nuclear bomb from its heavily-guarded place of security, but, being pursued, pass it on to an innocent bystander who is not aware of its lethal nature. The remainder of the film takes the form of a hilarious chase, with all parties searching for the missing bomb.

From its first inspired sequence, the film is most brilliantly told in silent film technique with no dialogue at all; in many ways reminiscent of the style of Rene Clair.

Apart from the obvious satire at the expense of the farcical "gangsters", there are many amusing lilts at such American contributions to civilisation as horror films and jazz cellars. Award: Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival.

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