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Australia, 1962 (MIFF 1963)

Director: A. Steane

Adapted from the best-selling novel by Nan Chauncy and filmed on location in the Tasmanian Highlands, They Found a Cave, although primarily a children's story, has appeal for adult audiences. The story has English orphans Cherry, Nigel, Brick and Nippy migrate to Tasmania where they are to live on the farm of their Aunt Jandie. Tas, the young lad who helps work the property is delighted at their arrival, but the housekeeper Ma Pinner and her husband don't share his enthusiasm. The Pinners plan to steal from Jandie the money received from the sale of a flock of sheep, and her departure for hospital provides the ideal opportunity. The rest of the tale tells how the children thwarlt the Pinners and ends with the children all happily back on the farm.

Magnificent scenery, excellent photography, appealing music and juvenile acting ensure that the film captures the imagination of old and young alike. Australian Film Awards, Children's Section, Silver Award - "an enterprising and appealing Australian feature production for children".

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