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USSR, 1964 (MIFF 1965)

Director: Georgy Danelia

This pleasant, unpretentious film is about a young man from Siberia who, passing through Moscow, befriends a city boy who shows him the town. They meet a girl and spend a few idyllic hours doing nothing in particular, except a little flirting, and playing harmless pranks on each other . . .

Although little happens, the verve of the whole piece is refreshing. The director gets highly polished per­formances from his young actors and a host of supporting players. The gentle, good natured humour is complemented by a fluent style and imaginative camerawork . If it were not for the exquisitely photo­graphed shots of recognisable landmarks we would have a film of teenagers in any city in the world today.

Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival.

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