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Israel, 1966 (MIFF 1968, Programme F)

Director: Ephraim Kishon

Ervinka is a smart young man with a healthy inclination towaids laziness — a sort of Tel Aviv Till Eulenspiegel. He and his friend, Joseph the peddlar, engage in a senes of adventures propelled by Ervinka's quick wit and talent for improvisation. They earn their keep through shady deals — not breaking the law, but by slipping through the loopholes. But the film's main story on Ervinka's two loves for the traffic policewoman Ruthie, on whom he wastes most of his time, and for lottery tickets, on which he wastes all his money.

Ephraim Kishon, the writer and director of the film, is considered Israel's national humorist. His first film, Sallah, also with Haym Topol, was an international succcess, and the actor went on to play in British and U.S. films.

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