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Canada, 1967 (MIFF 1968, Programme 21)

Director: Donald Brittain

Portrait from life of Lord Thomson of Fleet, born 1894 Roy Thomson of Toronto, but now a financier with operations on a world scale.

Center of the Thomson empire is London, England. Much of the film was made there, though it follows its subject to Scotland for a visit to a village school, to the church where he donated an organ, lo Prague for a chat with the President, and home to Toronto where he uses the subway and buys swimming trunks at a sale.

In character he seems like other people, self-contained, and single-minded about what he does best, which in his case is making money. The character that fits his position as multi-millionaire, baron of the realm, acquaintance of the great and near great, newspaper and television magnate, this character the viewer can construct from what Thomson says to the people around him and what other people say about him.

Throughout the film some of England's press lords appear to comment on the operations of this brash Canadian. some of Ihem in a rather stunned way.

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