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Hungary, 1986 (MIFF 1987)

Director: Marta Meszaros

In 1982 Marta Meszaros made Diary For My Children, an autobiographic account of her childhood in the USSR and her return to Hungary after the war following the death of her mother and the imprisonment of her sculptor father during one of Stalin's purges. The film was held up for two years by nervous officials in Hungary (who presumably feared hostile reactions to it from Moscow). The sequel, Diary For My Loves, takes up where the earlier film left off in 1949 and concludes in 1956, a traumatic year for Hungary

Diary For My Loves represents another frank portrait of the 1950s from the Hungarian cinema, but told from a personal viewpoint which makes it rivetting as drama. Though long this beautifully made film is filled with interesting incidents and characters and the understated but deeply-felt style is perfectly suited to the theme. Newsreel footage is adroitly incorporated into the drama.


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