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West Germany, 1986 (MIFF 1987)

Director: Jutta Bruckner

"Romantic wishes are so gigantic that they are unable to express themselves, they are mute. The film encircles them through the staging of pantomimed sketches, in fragmented compositions made up of music, sounds and scraps of inner voices.

A film on love and hatred. Hope in happiness that explodes like a present, regret for a past love, jealousy, nostalgia, waiting. In the seven proposed scenes (the bride, the wife, the rival, the abandoned woman, the fiancee, the seduced and the resolved woman) the film puts passionate nostalgia for love into play, but at the same time the furious experience of when a promised ideal happiness doesn't come to fruition by itself.

Longing for intense feelings... the hope to find happiness still remains; that happiness which will make life extraordinary." Jutta Bruckner

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