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Italy, 1985 (MIFF 1987, Italian Videospace)

Director: Mario Martone

Three different stories [The Trip, Estrellita Goes To New York and Two Don Giovannis) are blended into one original concept signed by Mario Martone. director of the theatrical group Falso Movimento. All three stories intermix theatrical conventions with electronic scenery and drawings of famous designers such as Ceeseepe, Literatore and Fionto. The Trip is based on Zelda and F Scott Fitzgerald's voyages across the oceans. Estrellita features an episode from the anti-Nazi resistance in Paris, in which characters such as Picasso and other refugee artists appear. The final segment Two Don Giovannis is the story of two friends who are rivals in a love story. The background is New York shot by Hitchcock in his film Saboteur.

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