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Sweden, 1972 (MIFF 1973)

Director: Kjell Grede

Helge, Iike Kjell Grede's other heroes in Hugo and Josefin and Harry Munter, is a young man in love with life. He lives with his mother, a boarder named Pussy, and her young son. He is outgoing and generous, but also, rather accident prone. It is during one of his accidents that he meets a girl who calls herself Klara Lust. Helge's infatuation with her is clear and, fearing he may never see her again, he sets off on his bicycle after her. His 'family' decide to follow him on what turns out to be a strange journey. En route, he encounters a number of eccentric characters who appear as if from some dream world, and when he eventually finds Klara, she, her father, and her lover seem to belong to the same world of unreality.

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