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Italy, 1974 (MIFF 1976)

Director: Nico Naldini

Edited from newsreels made during Mussolini's reign by the Italian State film instrumentality, Giornale Luce, the Fascista covers the period from 24 October 1922 (a Fascist rally in Naples at which plans were made for the march on Rome) to the 10th June 1940, when Italy declared war on the Allies. The film is composed of 21 sequences, containing many speeches of Mussolini, his meeting with Hitler in 1934, in Venice, Italian participation in the Spanish civil war, and numerous other items.

All the original soundtrack is retained, the propaganda speeches and the slanted political commentary. The aim of Fascista is to show the quality and extent of the propaganda machine set in motion by the Mussolini regime, and in doing this the film refrains from any political analysis or comment, leaving the viewer to draw his own conclusions.

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