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Czechoslovakia, 1976 (MIFF 1978)

Director: Vera Chytilov√°

A young nurse, Anna Simova, works at a Prague maternity hospital John (played by film director, Jin Menzel) a doctor with whom she works is cool and ironic He is single and has an affair with a married woman, Marta Anna meets the doctor by accident one day in the town, they have dinner together, he get drunk and Anna takes him back to her flat.

Later she goes to the hospital to check on the result of a pregnancy test of a young laboratory assistant, and rather than let her superiors discover that the girl is pregnant, puts her own name on the file. As the doctor falls for the ruse, she starts acting as a pregnant woman.

He shows little further interest in her until his arrangement with Marta breaks up Then he spends a day in the country with Anna, where she impresses him by assisting in the delivery of a calf John becomes attached to her, but takes offence when he discovers that the story of her pregnancy was a trick.

Shortly after, Anna finds that she is carrying the doctor's child, but when she tells him of this, John refuses to believe her, and she leaves the hospital. Later he discovers that some research material on which he has been working has been inadvertently destroyed and he leaves to take up a position at a country hospital. When he arrives, he finds Anna and attempts to renew the relationship

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