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UK / India, 1988 (MIFF 1988, Documentary)

Director: Uday Bhattacharya

A personal essay that entwines the filmmaker's conflicting sense of birthplace Calcutta and home, England The paradoxes of memory, personal and political history are synthesised by a complex montage of stunning images and the personal revelation which forms the narrative, in a style reminiscent of the great Chris Marker

Sometimes I feel I am in a privileged and fortunate position to have grown up in Europe and yet to be bound to the ways of thinking and traditions of my birthplace... I think this provides an interesting perspective when one tries to understand the relationship between India and the West, historically, and into the present day... I believe that... the relationship, in the main, travels one way. The West attempting to impose it's universalising civilisation on the subcontinent. I always look and hope for the most fruitful synthesis of these cultures and systems.”

-Uday Bhattacharya

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