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Korea, 1987 (MIFF 1988, Asian Cinema Showcase)

Director: Im Kwon Taek

Director Im Kwon Taek has again created a moving portrait of a Korean woman, this time in historical circumstances.

Set in the Yi Dynasty (14th Century) Im is obviously suggesting and attempting to illuminate attitudes that still exist in Korean society. Considering recent events, the subject of surrogate motherhood seems most relevant, and not just to Korea.

This very feminist film concerns a young woman brought to a rich and ancestor conscious family to bear a son. Complications arise when the husband falls for the young woman, and his love is returned

Surrogate Woman has the traditional marks of Korean period films - sumptuous colour and decor and an evocative recreation of the time The film stars Korea's most popular 'period actress', Kang Sooyeon. She gives a beautifully judged performance and deservedly won the Best Actress award at the 1987 Venice Film Festival -A McK

”I can say that I am interested in expressing, in an original form, the authentic problems of the people of my country, thus making my contribution as a filmmaker, helping my people to resolve their problems. I like the way Koreans think, their emotions... What I try to do is translate into filmic form the “rhythm” of life in my country.” - Im Kwon Taek

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