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Australia, 1989 (MIFF 1989)

Director: Tom Zubrycki, Gil Scrine

ParadIse in Australia 1988, in multicoloured and multicultural party mood. The strangers are 12 passengets from a Qantas flight into paradise. They've come from America and Britain to explore the 'Wonder Down Under — one of the most exciting, unspoilt, and undiscovered destinations left on earth', according to an Australian Tourist Commission brochure.

The film crew followed them on their ten day 'exploration' tour (air-conditioned style), during which they express what they see, feel, expected, and didn't get. It's about what Australian tourism has cooked up to make them feel 'at home'. Like Cannibal Tours and The Accidental Tourist, it deals with a mentality and image making game of modern group tourism. A film with a disquieting message which contains, among many othet facets, the last frontier, a dreamtime tour with real Aborigines, homespun philosophy, vegemite, other food and lots of smiles. One for the discussion group. — (RR)

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