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UK, 1989 (MIFF 1989, Documentary)

Director: Reece Auguiste

This is another richly evocative work from the Black Audio Film Collective in the UK The collective's earlier work has been screened at previous festivals in the context of the British film and television workshops and Channel Four commissionings

In Twilight City, a Sunless-like device has been combined with interpretative commentary from a senes of documentary characters to construct a vision of present day London. The narrative device is an extraordinary poetic letter, which is read over present day and archival footage, cut with a 'musical' sensibility — visual themes are elaborated in ways that allow audiences a 'speculative' reading, cued in various ways by the 'fiction' and non-fiction commentaries This is a beautiful and intelligent treatment raising questions of empire and the city, racism and politics, identity and memory Don't miss -(OH)

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