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USA, 1989 (MIFF 1990, Video Programme)

Director: Lynne Herchmann

That question mark is no typographical error - Longshot is an eerie documentary style video that meshes fiction and reality so seamlessly you'll not be sure where one ends and the other begins. The resultant tension makes for a gripping and unsettling excursion into video-voyeurism.

Longshot follows the aimless life of street-urchin Lian, a singing vagabond with a death-fixation, as photographed by video-maker Dennis. Facing the camera with seeming innocence, Lian tells Dennis about her fear of being in a snuff film, her drugtaking, her arrests, her thoughts about becomin a prostitute, the fact that she is crazy.

"With a new gun, the detective has a new agenda. . . this drama-doco is cinemythology at its most real."

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