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Lo(o)s gelöst - A Spatial Film Essay

Austria, 1992 (MIFF 1993, Austrian Experimental Films)

Director: Prinzgau, Podgorschek, Driendl Steixner, C. Angelmaier

The title is a play on words. Adolf Loos was an influential and famous Viennese architect (1870-1933). The film is dedicated to him. 'Los gelöst' ranges in meaning from solved, through to loos­ened, detached or severed. Something (possibly including Loos) is being solved or let go. This "spatial film essay" is the essayist, and presents "a portrait about space, art and man", by a con­sidered melding of filmic material using various experimental techniques. Architecture of the frame, architecture of human's being: is it a seat? or a drum? or a 'lazy Susan'?, and what are they sitting on? Because, "...using film as a material for building a model means necessarily foregoing the copying function...".

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