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Australia, 2000 (MIFF 2000, Australian Showcase)

Director: David Blackall

Australian painter John Perceval is renowned for protecting his privacy. This documentary is a rare look at his life and work seen through the cinema vérité camera of David Blackwell (father of one of Perceval's grandchildren). We first meet Perceval as he recounts his childhood growing up in Western Australia's wheat belt. He describes his parents brief marriage, and their separation which led him to move to Melbourne. We follow Perceval's life through his fight with polio and his Tiamage to Mary Boyd; the marriage breakdown and Perceval's ostracism from the rest of his family as a result of his excessive consumption of alcohol. This film also documents Perceval s journey to Wales with his longtime minder and manager. Ken McGregor and filmmaker Blackwell together with their attempt to recreate a family unit. They discover that family isn't necessarily about who you are related to, but often, rather, who you can relate to. A rare and fascinating insight into a wild, outspoken and unrelenting individual who doesn't give a damn!

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