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Japan, 1999 (MIFF 2000, Regional Focus)

Director: Shinya Tsukamoto

Distinguished by the extraordinary visuals for which he is justifiably celebrated, the latest project by director Shinya Tsukamoto is an atmospheric, eerie exploration of identity, destiny and psychological torture. Dr. Yukio Daitokuji seems to have it all. It is 1910, Tokyo, he runs a successful surgery and is happily married to Rin, his beautiful and enigmatic new wife.

Their idyllic life begins to unravel when, individually, Yukio's parents meet with bizarre and suspicious deaths. In an even stranger turn of events, Yukio is attacked by a man who appears to be his double. Notorious for his violent, sci-fi Tetsuo films, Tsukamoto's Gemini (referring to the astrological twins) once more explores man's basic animalistic, primitive nature, a force lurking just beneath a veneer of civilisation and technology. As the mysterious assailant calmly takes over his life and wife, Yukio plots revenge on his dark doppleganger

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