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UK, 2000 (MIFF 2001, Now! Britain)

Director: Saul Metzstein

Vincent, a notorious womaniser, seduces a stranger faster than you can say 'Madeline Zozzocolovich', her name. This one tryst out of so many has dire consequences as fateful coincidence leads him from tedium to randy adventure. Vincent and his pals, all night workers, gather at a cafe each evening to engage in witty banter about life, the universe and bad haircuts. Each of them harbours a secret that all the chat in the world won't reveal. Sean, for instance, cant be sure that his girlfriend lives with him anymore. Their work patterns mean they haven't crossed paths for months and Sean is checking the soap for evidence of her existence. He only complicates matters by indulging in fiery sex at the hospital he works at, while his new conquest's comatose fiance lies in the next bed!

"A wonderfully out-there slacker comedy that's as tight as a drum in script, direction and performances, Lafe Night Shopping announces a striking creative combo in helmer Saul Metzstein, writer John Lothian and producer Angus Lamont that recalls the synergy and freshness of Shallow Grave."Variety.

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