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Australia, 1999 (MIFF 1999, Australian Showcase)

Director: Davida Allen

Vicki is an impetuous art student who falls in love with, and marries, Greg, a shy medical student. Soon, married life equates with being stuck at home with two toddlers. not quite what Vicki anticipated. To relieve the boredom, she takes a part-time job teaching art classes, but this rapidly evolves into a 'back of the van' love affair with Hugo, one of her students. Vicki can only sustain the deception for so long, and eventually confesses to Greg. Conflict leads to despair, which in turn becomes under­standing—can either fantasy or reality save the relation­ship?

Feeling Sexy is the debut feature for Davida Allen, who comes to filmmaking from an established career as an Australian painter. In addition to the fact that much of Vicki's life is centred around painting, Feeling Sexy con­veys a highly painterly texture. Set in the 1970s, a pas­tiche of pastels and plastics seep into the relationship between Vicki and Greg. Hillary M. Austin's production design works to create oppositions between the interior. domestic experience of motherhood, and the exterior world of creative freedom. With tight, disciplined editing and cinematography that creates mounting tension Feeling Sexy is a film which is emotionally involving. An intelligent examination of the mechanics of relationships.

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