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Norway, 2001 (MIFF 2002, Northern Lights)

Director: Marius Holst

Eddie and Maria have met at a time in their lives when they're both keen to start life afresh, eager to leave their respective pasts behind. But the past has a way of emerging unexpectedly. One day Eddie's old friend Kullmann arrives on the scene, recently released from a long prison sentence for a crime he committed with Eddie. And it doesn't look like Kullmann is about to leave in a hurry.

Dragonflies was directed by Marius Holst, one of Norway's most respected and internationally regarded filmmakers living today, and scripted by Nicolaj Frobenius (who also co-wrote Insomnia, in MIFF 2002). Dragonflies is a modern chamber play, a three-way psychological drama that paints an intriguing portrait of love and loyalty. With deft direction, he has also delivered an expertly crafted suspense story. In the spirit of the best of new Scandinavian cinema, Dragonflies boasts telling performances, tight scripting and a keen dedication to a realist sensibility.

Marius Holst (born in Oslo, Norway, 1965) started his filmmaking career with Visiting Hours, a 45-minute short film that received numerous awards, including the BBC Drama award. His first feature, Cross My Heart, won the Blue Angel award at Berlin and screened at Montreal, Chicago and New Directors at MOMA in New York. In 1998 he started 4 1/2 with three industry colleagues, developing and producing features.

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