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Egypt / France, 2001 (MIFF 2002, There Goes The Neighbourhood – Humour on Film)

Director: Youssef Chahine

Malak is a famous singer and actress. After an onerous divorce, she falls for the charms of the smooth Lamei, who sees in Malak his chance to climb a few rungs up the social ladder. Her love changes to obsession, when her regular scriptwriter and her director, who do not trust Lamei an inch, try to sabotage their relationship.

Her grandmother most wants to see Malak marry the son of the chauffeur, a respectable man who has been to university. Malak's family, friends and colleagues decide to plot together and tell Lamei that Malak's daughter, Paula, will inherit all her money. This trick works: Lamei seduces Paula and in doing so betrays his despicable motives.

"Inspiring evidence that some of the masters of world cinema remain spry and inventive well into old age... For Youssef Chahine (Destiny, MIFF 1998; The Other, 1999), who turned 75 this year, Silence... We're Rolling is a reckless, buoyant hodgepodge, a musical screwball soap opera." - The New York Times

Youssef Chahine (born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1926) left Egypt in 1948 to study film and theatre in the USA. Since making his first film in 1950, he has directed more than thirty films, including Destiny (MIFF 1998) and The Other (1999).

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