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USA, 2002 (MIFF 2003, Animation Gallery)

Director: Dan O'Donnell

"A refreshingly oddball stew of parodic film noir, police and sci-fi elements sifted through deadpan surrealism. Distinct in tone and visual style ... the film has a striking design palette for which the co-creators (brothers Matthew and Daniel O'Donnell) wrote their own 3D animation software. Missing Persons owes more to graphic novels and retro comic books than most contemporary Western or Japanese animation. The look boast strong minimalist lines and vivid coloration.The result is somewhere between Roy Lichtenstem and David Lynch, with a loopy, satirical future-cop story to match.

"Grizzled, lonely and jaded Coney Island police vet, Detective John Funn, is investigating a long unsolved missing persons case with help and hindrance from rookie Snookie. Somehow mixed up in this quest are Computo, a WW2-era army surplus robot (from an alternate universe) and his pal Crazy Legs, a muscle-bound, punch-drunk street fighter who spends most of the film cut in two. The principal characters are all loveable morons in their own distinctive way. The film is a wonder of home (and computer) made invention, often amazing to look at and cryptically hilarious in numerous weird fantastical-banal details."—Variety

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