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USA, 1998 (MIFF 1999, The Bug)

Director: Chris Wedge

Through the gateway of an oven, an errant moth leads an elderly rabbit to a brighter existence in this beautifully executed animation. The script, lighting and music score for Bunny are carefully orchestrated. Writing the script over a number of years, Chris Wedge was determined not to make any compromises on the story, the look or the amount of time taken on production.

Using radiosity, an advanced computer rendering technique that mimics the subtle properties of natural light, Wedge and his crew create a dimensionality and organic realism never before seen in a computer-animat­ed film.

Veteran singer/songwriter Tom Waits and his wife Kathleen Brennan bring a musical depth to the film and sound designer Robert Kessler adds aural texture. "Since the sound of Bunny's world had to reflect her wide range of emotions, the relationship between the music, sound effects and foley were constantly shifting," says Kessler. "For example, some of Bunny's loneliest moments occur when many layers ot sound are present."

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