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China / Taiwan / Hong Kong, 2009 (MIFF 2010, Neighbourhood Watch)

Director: Clara Law

In his dreams, she appears as an otherworldly beauty. In reality, she 's a brassy country girl. Which version of this woman does he love?

A Chinese man (played by Hong Kong superstar Daniel Wu) living in New York suffers recurring dreams in which he meets an elusive, sorrowful woman (played by Yolanda Yuan). While on business in Shanghai he sees her in a photograph and goes in search of her - but instead finds her doppelgänger, a loud, exuberant factory worker. As they grow close, Max struggles to accept the compromised reality of his dream woman.

In this cross-continental romance, Hong Kong-Australian director Clara Law (Floating Life; The Goddess of 1967) returns to the themes of cultural displacement and identity that often permeate her films.

Features an original score by Australian pianist and composer Paul Grabowsky.

D Clara Law P Eddie Fong, Peggy Chiao S Eddie Fong, Clara Law WS Distribution Workshop L English, Mandarin w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2009

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