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USA, 1970 (MIFF 2012, New Hollywood Comedy)

Director: Carl Reiner


“An irresistible black comedy, it's probably Reiner's best film, not least because it shows such affection for all its crazies.” - Time Out

Gordon's senile, obnoxious mother sabotages every romantic relationship he attempts to have. When he meets the girl of his dreams, Louise, he is desperate to hold on to her and begins fantasising about ways in which his mother might die.

American comedy legend Carl Reiner pulls out all stops in this ridiculous caper, which pushes so many politically incorrect buttons it would be un-filmable today. A young George Segal stars as the hapless son, while the legendary Ruth Gordon chews the scenery as his Jewish mother from hell and Trish VanDevere embodies loveliness as Louise.

“It isn't merely in the worst possible taste; it aspires to be in the worst possible taste.” - Roger Ebert

Rated R

D Carl Reiner P Jerry Tokofsky, Marvin Worth S Robert Klane WS Park Circus TD 35mm/1970

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