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The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Sweden, 2012 (MIFF 2012, FOCUS FORWARD – Short Films, Big Ideas)

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

An invisible bicycle helmet is a symbol for the impossible. If you can swing it everything is possible.

Design students Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin live in Malmö, Sweden, where everybody uses bikes. Aware that bicycle helmets are one of the issues standing in the way of other cities having the same number of bikes on the streets, the pair took on a very special exam project: an airbag bicycle helmet!

It took seven years but in November 2011 the Hövding bicycle helmet was launched. Now Anna and Terese have 20 employees and are selling their helmets all over the world. Fredrik Gertten's The Invisible Bicycle Helmet introduces them and their revolutionary idea to audiences.

Gertten, who is a guest of MIFF this year with his full-length documentary Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, is an award-winning director and journalist based in Malmö.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet is Gertten's three-minute documentary for FOCUS FORWARD - Short Films, Big Ideas

It screens before The Road Uphill.

D Fredrik Gertten WS FOCUS FORWARD TD HDCam/2012

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