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France, 2011 (MIFF 2011, Next Gen)

Director: Michel Ocelot


French master of animation Michel Ocelot (Azur and Asmar, MIFF 2007) presents a fantastical and entrancing series of six fairytales, lovingly animated in silhouetted 3D.

Every night a young actor and actress meet at a local theatre and, with the aid of an elderly projectionist, craft magical tales of love and redemption.

From this basic premise filmmaker Michel Ocelot weaves a series of simple but stunningly imaginative stories, rendered by the characters as shadow plays against magnificently coloured backdrops. From the plains of West Africa to the mountains of Tibet, from princesses and werewolves to the Aztec City of Gold, these six tales move effortlessly through time and place, constructing worlds of dazzling complexity and easy charm.

The themes are eternal and the design unquestionably astonishing, but, above all, Tales of the Night simply stands as a stirring tribute to the many joys and endless potential of our imaginations.

MIFF recommends: Age 8+

D Michel Ocelot P Philippe Boeffard, Christophe Rossignon S Michel Ocelot WS Tamasa Distribution L French w/English subtitles TD DCP/2011

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