2013 (MIFF 2014)

Director: Frederick Wiseman

"I can't think of another film portrait of higher education that matches this one for comprehensiveness, intellectual depth, and hope." – New Yorker

Frederick Wiseman (Crazy Horse, MIFF 2012; Boxing Gym, MIFF 2011) is one of documentary cinema's undisputed masters. Over the course of 38 films, he has carved a name for himself as an unflinching observer of the excellence and madness of America's institutions. Now he turns his penetrating stare toward the venerable, vulnerable American college system.

Epic in scope, At Berkeley is a total, immersive and infinitely captivating tour of the almost 150-year-old University of California. From the collapse of academic funding to dwindling student involvement, from lectures and classes in the humanities, science and technology to the often overlooked maintenance workers, Wiseman offers the most comprehensive cinematic portrait to date of the great malaise eroding America's education system.

"One of Wiseman's best, a summation of sorts of a career's worth of principled filmmaking." – Variety

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