2014 (MIFF 2014)

Director: Andrew Leavold

"A remarkable documentary … do not miss Andrew Leavold's The Search for Weng Weng." – Senses of Cinema

The 1982 Manila International Film Festival was supposed to shine a spotlight on highbrow Filipino cinema, but it was For Y'ur Height Only – a schlocky James Bond rip-off with a pint-sized protagonist – that gained all the attention, catapulting its star Weng Weng to international fame.

Determined to understand why Weng Weng struck such a chord, cinephile Andrew Leavold sets out to discover the mystery at the heart of the action star's story and, if he can, to find Weng Weng himself. Filmed over seven years and taking in everything from Golden Age Filipino filmmaking and culture to a rare encounter with Imelda Marcos, The Search for Weng Weng is unexpected, funny and full of heart.

"Leavold has created a masterpiece out of an obsession." –

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