Poland / Germany / Sweden / Czech Republic / Slovakia, 2017 (MIFF 2017, International,Europe)

Director: Agnieszka Holland


Agnieszka Holland, one of Poland's most distinguished directors, won the Berlinale's Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize with this feminist, ecological thriller sprinkled with surreal touches.

Duszejko is a retired engineer living in a log cabin in a remote, mountainous corner of rural Poland. Obsessed with astrology, and ferociously protective of the local wildlife – especially when it comes to the area's deer hunters, who have the police and even the church on their side – Duszejko is aghast when her dogs go missing and, in the following months, a series of hunters are found dead. Could nature itself be taking revenge?

For her latest outing, Agnieszka Holland (Olivier, Olivier, MIFF 1992) teams up with writer Olga Tokarczuk to adapt her novel Drive Your Plough Over the Bones of the Dead. The result is by turns whimsical, warm-hearted and occasionally hair-raising.

'A delightful, unique film, bristling with the omnipresent threat of death and the staggering beauty of life and regeneration.' – The Village Voice

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