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A Phantasy (Norman McLaren, 1952)
A surrealistic abstract with an unusual sound track consisting of synthetic sound in conjunction with music for saxophone. ... Read more

Balance 1950 (Peter Sachs, 1952)
I.C.I.'s balance sheet for 1950. Animated drawings and a witty commentary make a fascinating film out of a "dull" subject. ... Read more

Drawings that Walk and Talk (Marie Seton, 1938)
Traces briefly the history of the animated cartoon. Discusses the purpose of caricature giving an animal a man's mind and behaviour.. Includes excerpts from Drama Among the Puppets (France 1908), an … Read more

How to Catch a Cold (Walt Disney Productions, 1951)
Common Sense, an erudite and emphatic midget, tells how colds are caught and passed on, and how they should be treated. ... Read more

Love and the Airship (Jĭrí Brdĕcka, 1948)
Story of an engaging triumvirate: an inventor, his sweetheart, and an old general. ... Read more

Men of Merit (Larkins Studios, 1948)
An appeal to the English public to spare electric power during peak consumption periods. In the form of a puppet lecturette. ... Read more

Pen Point Percussion (Don Peters, 1951)
A short account of the work of Norman McLaren and some of his unusual techniques. ... Read more

The Magic Canvas (John Halas, Joy Batchelor, 1948)
Beautiful study in animation giving a lovely play of movement, colour, and music, merging form and idea in a painter's fantasy. ... Read more

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