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Films From Czechoslovakia

A Fable For Friendship (Jiri Trnka, 1958)
There are people, and there are walls - walls of ignorance, self-interest, mistrust, and only after these walls are torn down can we begin to live as human beings. This film was the winner of an inte… Read more

A HIGHER PRINCIPLE (Jiri Krejcik, 1960)
In 1946 Jan Drda, a 31-year-old writer, published a book of eleven stories called "The Silent Barricade", all dealing with the struggle against the Nazis. He had already written a number of books, of… Read more

A Hypothesis (Boris Baromykin, 1988)
Scientists attempt to solve the question of the existence of Martians. One of them appears to have found the right formula ... Read more

A JESTER'S TALE (Karel Zeman, 1964)
This satirical anti-war romance is set during the period of the Thirty Years' War. The action starts in 1625, when "press gongs" rounded up reluctant young men for the army, where they fought and oft… Read more

A Place in the Sun (Franctisek Vystrcil, 1960)
An animated film which employs a persistent rhythm, humour, and primitive visual symbols, to convey a message about two men trying to outwit each other for a place in a tiny patch of sunlight. ... Read more

A Study in Stones (Garik Seko, 1975)
An animated fantasy about a world of stones, that has much the same worries and joys as the world of human beings. ... Read more

Acceleration (Pavel Prochazka, 1968)
A fable on the futility of progress for its own sake. Is the grass any greener for the helmeted astronaut than for the naked ape? ... Read more

ADRIFT (Jan Kadar, 1969)
This, the eleventh feature by Czech director Jan Kadar, was held up in production for more than two years— the initial shooting having been interrupted by the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia … Read more

AGAINST ALL (O. Vavra, 1957)
The mainspring of the movement which swept Bohemia in the early 15th Century was a combination of a number of passionate ideals encompassing the religions which called for the reform of the Church an… Read more

APPASSIONATA (Jiri Weiss, 1959)
From the musty archives of some supernatural Law Court a judge takes the dossier of a young girl accused of the crime of suicide. Gradually the evidence against her, her family, her fiance, her fianc… Read more

Automatic (Václav Bedřich, 1973)
A lighthearted send up of man's battle with vending machines. ... Read more

BARON MUNCHHAUSEN (Karel Zeman, 1962)
A rocketship lands on the moon and the young astronaut Tonik meets there some heroes from the age of ihe Romantics - Cyrano de Bergerac, Barbican and Captain Nicol from Jules Verne's books, and the B… Read more

Bartakiada (Oldrich Haberle, 1985)
Animated version of a trying day in the life of modern man using the character and artwork of the famous Czech cartoonist Miroslav Bartak who could be a relative of our own Leunig. ... Read more

Bird's Life (A. Born, J. Doubrava, M. Macourek, 1973)
A magician changes one of his audience into a bird, then his powers fail . . . ... Read more

Boom (Bretislav Pojar, 1979)
Made as a co-production between Short Film Prague and the United Nations, the film underlines the vital need for disarmament The film was awarded the Special Prize of the Jury for Short Films at Cann… Read more

CAPRICIOUS SUMMER (Jirí Menzel, 1967)
In an atmosphere of placid leisure and late-middle-aged tedium vitae, three provincial gentlemen accept their lot with philosophical detachment. Enter an acrobat-magician and his beautiful blonde ass… Read more

Cinema (Josef Pinkava, 1961)
A charming film, the action of which takes place in a village to which a mobile cinema has come; it is in fact a mobile dental surgery — the dentist rewards the children by showing them a film. ... Read more

The locale is a small railway station somewhere in Bohemia during the Second World War. Nothing much happens here, except that some shabby carriages come to a brief stop or, now and then, a German tr… Read more

CONSCIENCE (Jiri Krejcik, 1954)
Conscience is the story of an office executive who, returning home in his car after a riotous night, accidentally runs down and kills a small boy. Apparently unobserved he flees from the scene. Later… Read more

COTTAGE NEAR A WOOD (Jiří Menzel, 1976)
Jiří Menzel, director of Closely Watched Trams, returns with this study of the world-wide trend for suburban dwellers to move out to the country, buying up weekenders and holiday houses. ... A … Read more

Cybernetic Grandmother (Jirí Trnka, 1962)
Jiri Trnka's modern fairy story is an answer to the worship of technique to the exclusion of sensibility. ... Read more

Darkness, Light, Darkness (Jan Svankmajer, 1989)
The latest offering from the great Czech animator proves that the original is always the best. ... "With this body, senses and existence, a being fills an empty room, but this existence is unsteady a… Read more

DAYS OF BETRAYAL (Otakar Vávra, 1973)
More than three hours long, this film is a painstaking reconstruction of the days of the Munich crisis. One of Czechoslovakia's most distinguished film-makers. Otakar Vavra, has directed and scripted… Read more

A morality comedy which looks at an old theme from a new angle. Faun, an ageing libertine with a stylistic flair for seducing young girls. is at heart. just a man terrified of old age and death. ... … Read more

Towards the close of the war, two boys escape from a Nazi transport and plunge desperately through a forest. Gradually as their minds start to wander, memories, hallucinations and desires rise and di… Read more

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