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Programme 43

An animated enactment of Samuel Beckett's play about regimented modern man. ... Read more
A humorous fable about modern parents, modern children, and their modern toys. ... First Prize, Animation, Chicago Festival. ... Read more
Described as "a deliberate experiment in the manipulation of the accidental and the irrational", the film is an uncompromising view of aimless living. ... Read more
The handicapped experience the difficulties of living together in an extreme form. This film shows four of them in the attempt to overcome their greatest handicap: human isolation. Together with unhandicapped persons, they discuss their problems in a group, experience encounters and search together ... Read more
A young boy dreams he meets the various characters of the Waltzing Matilda legend. ... Read more
Sang-Hu, who made the beautiful Chinese opera film Liang Sha &ndash: Po and Chu Ying &ndash: Tai (shown at the 1956 Melbourne Film Festival) in his latest production, New Year Sacrifice, gives us a drama set around 1911; the unhappy life of a Chinese woman sold in marriage. ... Based on a short ... Read more
Every day in cities all over the world, people await the newsagent with the day's news. This film shows how the morning papers come to people at Newport, N.S.W. ... Read more
The decay and decline of the Wollambi Valley area, and the work of the Hunter Valley Research Foundation. ... Read more
In the Hellenic myth, Hyacinthus was a beautiful youth who was loved by Apollo and Zephyrus. He returned Apollo's love, so Zephyrus killed him from jealousy. In the director's reading of the myth, Hyacinthus merges with other mythical heroes to become one generalised hero-against-society. The hero ... Read more
A young man's relationship with a young girl in a chance meeting under strange circumstances. ... Read more
In Fiji there is a tendency for the young people to drift to the larger centres of population. This is the story of one such young man and his realisation that, after all, there is a place for him in his village. ... Read more
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