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50% Absolut (Igor Bauersima, 1995)
50% Absolut is the story of a couple walking home from a night at a pub. She is scared of heights and wants to be accompanied over the high bridge. He is in love with her and wants everything, and he… Read more

A Bell for Ursli (Ulrich Kündig, 1964)
In the Canton of Grisons in Switzerland, in an age-old Spring rite, the village boys chase away winter with bells, rattles and cracking whips. ... First Prize for the Best Youth Film, Bruxelles Touri… Read more

A CRUDE AWAKENING - THE OIL CRASH (Ray McCormack, Basil Gelpke, 2006)
Oil drives the world economy. It is responsible for countless products in our every day lives, is the basis on most industry and transport, and it is running out - perhaps sooner than we might imagin… Read more

A Herd Lost in the Red Wood (Sebastian Dellers, 1992)
Take a thousand-and-one images and double them, layer them one over the other, add ani­mation, pixillation, shock and tenderness. Refer to red. Analyze the subliminal and sub­limely forget th… Read more

A Line is a Line is a Line (Urs Graf, Marlies Graf, 1971)
Continuous disintegration of the content leads back to the medium— the line. Experiencing the medium as a medium helps to find the way from the surface to the message (other lines, pictures or … Read more

A PORNOGRAPHIC AFFAIR (Frédéric Fonteyne, 1999)
This controversial film depicts a torrid relationship between two lovers who meet through an advertisement in a porn magazine, intent on sharing a fantasy. Featuring interviews with 'her' and 'him', … Read more

Acceleration (Pavel Prochazka, 1968)
A fable on the futility of progress for its own sake. Is the grass any greener for the helmeted astronaut than for the naked ape? ... Read more

African Riviera - Development Which Way? (Ulrich Schweizer, 1974)
The film depicts three traditional ways of life in West-Africa, each intimately linked to the demands of its physical environment (desert, savannah, and rain forest). It also concerns itself with the… Read more

Ai-Amour (Kamal Musale, 1994)
Butoh is confronting, sexual and serene Japanese dance. This film documents a selection of stunning performances from one of its best exponents, Carlotta Ikeda. Butoh is unlike any other form of danc… Read more

AIN T MISBEHAVIN (Marcel Ophüls, 2013)
"A lively and somewhat self-effacing portrait of an artist whose work is anything but forgettable." – Hollywood Reporter ... Award-winning filmmaker Marcel Ophüls returns after 18 yea… Read more

Air is Life (Peter Stierlin, 1973)
Air pollution, a world wide problem, is examined on five continents. The sources of the contamination are pinpointed: domestic heating, traffic and industrial waste, and possible ways of solving the … Read more

Alberto Giacometti (Ernst Scheidegger, 1966)
The artist, Giacometti, shows his portraits, still lifes, and landscapes in his studio at Montparnasse. He then displays his sculptures — surrealist, geometric and realistic — at his stud… Read more

ALICE (Jan Svankmajer, 1987)
Alice sits in her room surrounded by toys and reads Lewis Carroll's story, which transports her, too, into a Wonderland ... Jan Svankmajer, the Czech master of animation, has fulfilled a lifetime amb… Read more

ALPINE FIRE (Fredi M. Murer, 1986)
Echoing the work of filmmakers such as Herzog (especially Kasper Hauser), Bunuel, Flaherty and Vincent Ward's Vigil, Alpine Fire takes place entirely on the high slopes of a mountain in the Swiss Alp… Read more

Alunissons (Ernest Ansorge, Gisele Ansorge, 1970)
Will man's ambition to colonise other planets lead to peace and happiness? ... Read more

Flying in the face of popular clichés of a Shangri-la-like Tibet is the errant monk, Gendun Choephel. In 1934, Choephel rejected his monastic life in search of new lands and challenges where he form… Read more

Apple Pie (Isabelle Favez, 2005)
The delightful tale of a butcher, a baker, a hunter, a dog, a cat, an apple pie and a series of misunderstandings. Simple animation and wicked humour make this a gem. ... ---D/S Isabelle Favez P Rued… Read more

AYURVEDA: ART OF BEING (Pan Nalin, 2001)
"Filmed largely in the south-western Indian state of Kerala, Pan Nalin's (director of MIFF 2002's Most Popular film Samsara) film offers glimpses of several different practitioners of traditional hol… Read more

B-52 (Harmut Bitomsky, 2001)
A fetishistic, slyly humorous history of one of America's great war machines, the B-52 bomber. Director Harmut Bitomsky is as fascinated by this gargantuan jet's place in the global power structure a… Read more

Beatrice (Michel Rodde, 1984)
All the women he gets to know finally drop out of his life. For the rest of his life. For the rest of his days, he is haunted by the image of Beatrice. ... Read more

BERLIN-CINéMA (TITRE PROVISOIRE) (Samira Gloor-Fadel, 1998)
Anyone who cares about cinema will relish Berlin-Cinema (Titre Provisoire). Ambitious and illuminating, this documentary focuses on two of cinema's great masters—Wim Wenders and Jean-Luc Godard… Read more

BLUE END (Kaspar Kasics, 2000)
Joseph Paul Jemigan was executed eight years ago but anyone with a modem can view his body today. While still warm, Jemigan was handed over to Texan scientists, who froze his corpse and sawed him int… Read more

Blues, Black and White (Markus Imboden, 1987)
A white woman puts her plate of cutlets and chips on the table, goes back for the mineral water, comes back to the table, and finds a stranger, a black woman, sitting there The white woman feels robb… Read more

Bostich (Yello, 1985)
More music wrapped In images. ... Read more

Bulle (Sebastian Dellers, 1991)
The small town of Bulle provides a backdrop to this poignant postcard from contemporary Switzerland. The silent gaze of Turkish immi­grants in limbo, fires lit in protest at the Swiss nuclear ind… Read more

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