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Brothers, Let Us Be Merry (Ulrich Seidl, 2006)
"Brothers, let us be merry, bravely defy your troubles." So advises the slave's song in Mozart's Zaide while two men sit and stare, grimly determined to fulfil cinema's scopophilic potential.--- D/P/… Read more

Cheers (Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, 1995)
Proceeding from the mythic Northern European content of what looks like a butter commercial. Prost takes on a curiously ghoulish quality Its footage degenerates becomes solarised and is reorganised w… Read more

Children's Dreams (Karl Stanzl, 1961)
Paintings by children have been selected, arranged and animated so that child's dream of a fantasy journey may be conveyed to the audience. Award: "The Best Austrian Cultural Film of 1961". ... Read more

Cojones (Brauneis Peter, 1994)
A strange and curious world: artificial scenes, a monster claw, a dancing razor, spilled liquid. Direct from a heaven of tangled filmic ideas. What does it mean? What is being represented? ... Read more

Coming Attractions (Peter Tscherkassky, 2010)
The trinity between early cinema, the avant-garde and advertising is playfully explored in Coming Attractions. Winner of the Best Short Film at the 2010 Venice Film Festival. ... Peter Tscherkassky, … Read more

COOKING HISTORY (Peter Kerekes, 2009)
6 wars, 10 recipes, 60,361,024 dead. ... If the cooks went on strike would there still be war? Pondering this question and looking at six of the greatest, bloodiest wars of Europe's past, Cooking His… Read more

Copy Shop (Virgil Widrich, 2001)
A man wakes up. goes to work in a photocopy shop, and copies a series of pictures- of a man who wakes up and goes to work at a photocopy shop. Compositing 18000 photo­copied digital frames Copy S… Read more

Copy Shop (, )
A man wakes up, goes to work in a photocopy shop, and copies a series of pictures-of a man who wakes up and goes to work at a photocopy shop. ... Read more

Cosmodrome (Fridolin Schönwiese, 1995)
Cosmodrome has serial composition, connecting its images across broad concepts of flight, light and the simple act of looking upwards. The first principle of this film is its blueness, captured in th… Read more

DARK DEER (Viesturs Kairiss, 2006)
“Inhabiting the territory between Chekhov and Strindberg, on coke.” - filmmaker Viesturs Kairiss Since 17 year-old Ria's traumatic birth, her mother hasn't spoken, living in an almost catatonic … Read more

DARWIN'S NIGHTMARE (Hubert Sauper, 2004)
With virtuoso skill and devastating insight, [Darwin's Nightmare] accumulates the myriad human aspects of a compelling story to create a comprehensive, harrowing look at the human costs of the exploi… Read more

Death is Mightier (Ernst Nesswer, Eduard Hammer, 1954)
A sombre journey through a monastery, showing the tombs and caskets of Austrian rulers. ... Read more

DEFAMATION (Yoav Shamir, 2009)
“Explores intelligently the very touchy topic of anti-Semitism.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Having elicited charges of anti-Semitism from critics of his previous films, Yoav Shamir (Flipping Out, M… Read more

Déjá Vu (Lisl Ponger, 1999)
Painted indigenous dancers pause in their ritual to pose for the camera. A woman hides her face and her children under a veil, like the women of Guinea-Bissau in Chris Marker's Sans Soleil (1982) who… Read more

DESERT FLOWER (Sherry Hormann, 2004)
The remarkable story of a Cinderella-like transformation from rags to riches - and it's all true. ... Based on the best-selling autobiography of Waris Dirie, Desert Flower is the inspirational true-s… Read more

DOG DAYS (Ulrich Seidl, 2001)
On a sweltering hot summer day, the 'dog days' settle on an affluent Vienna suburb. Behind the sterile exteriors, outer garments and inhibitions are cast off as six characters lose their cool. Former… Read more

Dream Work (Peter Tscherkassky, 2001)
Taking its structure from the time it takes to undergo the deepest sleep, Dream Work pays tribute to both the X-ray experiments of Man Ray and the deeper insights of Freudian psychology with a compel… Read more

Dream Work (Peter Tscherkassky, 2001)
The final film in the magnificent CinemaScope trilogy, made "in appreciation of the cinematic art of Man Ray", is derived from the same source material as Outer Space but transports us to a multiface… Read more

Dropping Furniture- BETWEEN THE WALLS (Harald Hund, Paul Horn, 2008)
Gravity is added to a commonplace room with choreographed slow motion, simultaneously filling and emptying it. ... --- D/P/S Harald Hund, Paul Horn WS SixPackFilm L No dialogue TD betacamsp/2008 ... Read more

DRY SEASON (Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, 2006)
“An unassumingly political work that unfolds with the simplicity of a parable and the gravity of a Bible story.” - New York Times Dry Season deals with the aftermath of Chad's 40-year civil war.… Read more

ECSTASY (Gustav Machaty, )
... ... A landmark in the history of the erotic film genre, Ecstasy has been known more for the scandal it provoked rather than as a fascinating and definitive work of Czech modernism. ... ... ... Or… Read more

edgar g ulmer - the man off-screen (Michael Palm, 2004)
"Ulmer was nothing if not a self-inventor - by his own fantastic account, he created the first dolly and worked on every major film to come out of Weimar Germany, handily listing himself as an uncred… Read more

Endeavour (Johann Lurf, 2010)
A rhythmic sound and image montage of a space shuttle launch, giving the audience the sensation of flight. New film from MIFF regular Johann Lurf. ... D/P/S Johann Lurf WS SixPackFilm L No dialogue T… Read more

erik (A) (Kurt Mayer, 2005)
Erika Schinegger was the 1966 women's downhill skiing world champion. She was a popular figure; Austrian athlete of the year, she was a farm girl with a no-nonsense attitude, a funny haircut and a de… Read more

Exposed (Siegfried A Fruhauf, 2001)
Found peeping torn footage, projected through a moving sieve of film edge perforations is used here not as subject matter but as a way of suggestively inflecting the resulting layered light patterns … Read more

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