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Films From Bulgaria

A HOT NOON (Zako Heskiya, 1965)
The film opens at a station where a train is overdue. The waiting crowd is curious, and a group of soldiers among them sets off to find out what has happened. When the train is found, it is discovere… Read more

A Marriage (S. Bakalov, R. Petkov, 1984)
An animated Vulgarian male fantasy! ... Read more

De Facto (Tudor Dinov, 1973)
What happens when a new building collapses during the opening ceremony? A scapegoat must be found, of course. ... Read more

A surprising story of oppression told with remarkable access and clarity. ... When Albania broke with the USSR in 1960, Russians living there suddenly became personae non grata. Couples in mixed marr… Read more

EASTERN PLAYS (Kamen Kalev, 2009)
Two brothers on opposites sides of the ideological fence, two families brought into each other's lives. Can one senseless act help make sense of their world? ... Georgi is a 17-year-old skinhead on a… Read more

Fire Dancers (N. Minchev, 1963)
A lilm on the Nestinari dancing over live coals: an age-old pagan rite, which sustained the faith of the Bulgarian people during the five centuries of Turkish rule. ... Read more

GUCHA - DISTANT TRUMPET (Milic Dusan, 2006)
Prvi Igrani Film o Srpskoj Trupi (First movie about Serbian Trumpet) An ambitious young trumpeter, Romeo, falls in love with a freckled maiden, Juliana, whose father also happens to be a trumpeter. T… Read more

Invisible Mirko (Stefan Topaldjikov, 1959)
This animated film tells how the puppet, Mirko, saves his friends from destruction by a spoilt prince. Award: Special Mention, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more

IT HAPPENED ON THE STREET (Yanko Yankov, 1955)
It Happened On The Street was the first Bulgarian film dealing with everyday life and only twelfth altogether in the country's young film industry. It is the first Bulgarian film to be shown in Austr… Read more

KNIGHT WITHOUT ARMOUR (Borislav Sharaliev, 1966)
Although the central character of Knight Without Armour is a child, as we follow his adventures, we also learn much about the adults surrounding him. ... Vanio's world is presented in a collection of… Read more

KOSMOS (Reha Erdem, 2009)
“Kosmos is nothing less than cosmic in scope… beautifully shot, and profoundly imaginative.” - Hollywood Reporter ... From the sweeping snow-driven plains on the edge of Turkey emerges a my… Read more

Lights and Men (Hristo Kovachev, 1961)
Under the town of Dimitrovo's quiet night streets there lies another town; a town which is restless and tense where the battle for coal goes on ceaselessly. ... Read more

LOST AND FOUND (Kornél Mundruczó, Stefan Arsenijevic, Nadejda Koseva, Mait Laas, Cristian Mungiu, Jasmila Zbanic, 2005)
Six of Central and Eastern Europe's brightest young directors come together in this omnibus feature, each giving their idiosyncratic take on the theme of ‘generation'. In The Ritual (Nadejda Koseva… Read more

“Alternately delightful and disturbing, The Mosquito Problem and Other Stories features characters who would do Christopher Guest proud.” - Variety ... On the banks of the swollen Danube in north… Read more

OF MEN AND BEARS (Eldora Traykova, 1996)
A bear-ward is a kind of busker. In Bulgaria some itinerant folk still make a living from owning and exhibiting performing bears. They frequent the tourist spots with an accordion, vio­lin or reb… Read more

ON A SMALL ISLAND (Rangel Valchaniv, 1958)
In 1923, 43 revolutionaries were arrested for an abortive uprising in Bulgaria; whilst awaiting execution, they were imprisoned on a small island controlled by a sadistic, militaristic captain. The f… Read more

The "stars" of this film are six boys, the smallest one barely four years old and the eldest only eleven years old. ... The film consists of three novellas—"Alarming Event", "Hooligans", and "H… Read more

Prometheus (Todor Dinov, 1960)
In this cartoon Prometheus snatches the fire from the gods of Olympus while they, Zeus at their head, dance a rock'n'roll and quaff nectar and ambrosia. Zeus sets off in hot pursuit but he is no matc… Read more

Satan in Church (Ivan Vesselinov, 1970)
In a political attack on the clergy, this cartoon satirises cant and hypocrisy, and culminates in Satan himself appearing in church. ... Read more

Shock (Zlativ Radev, 1996)
The creator loses his omnipotence in this deftly animated macho battle between the animator and his brawny sketch. The reason for their virulent duel, a mere out-line; an eye-lash battering, curvaceo… Read more

STARS (Konrad Wolf, 1959)
Set in a small Bulgarian town in 1943, Stars is the story of a strange, unhappy love affair. This is what happened in the foothills of the mountains . . . A sergeant of the German Wehrmacht, a clever… Read more

SUN AND SHADOW (Rangel Vylchanov, 1962)
A Bulgarian boy, and a girl from some western country, chance to meet on a Black Sea beach; they talk, and fall in love. A series of simple themes is used to reveal their character, highlight their f… Read more

The Boyana Master (Hr. Topusanov, 1961)
The famous frescoes of the Bovana Church near Sofia were painted by an anonymous artist of the 13th century, who broke with medieval stereotypes and produced real­istic images long before Giotto. ... Read more

The Daisy (Todor Dinov, 1965)
A beautiful white flower can only be picked by the pure. ... First Prize for Animation, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

THE GOAT HORN (Metodi Andonov, 1972)
The Goat Horn is set in 17th Century Bulgaria where, under the semi-feudal Ottoman rule, there was no law to prevent those in power from imposing their baser desires upon the Bulgarian women-folk. It… Read more

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