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101 REYKJAVIK (Baltasar Kormákur, 2000)
Hlynur considers waking up in time to masturbate to aerobic workouts on early morning TV a major achievement. A 20-something slacker with zero ambition, he has moved from child support to the dole an… Read more

A transsexual Cinderella story. ... Raquela Rios has a dream: to make it all the way to Paris, to meet her Prince Charming and to settle down into a life of luxury. But Paris is a long way from the s… Read more

ANGELS OF THE UNIVERSE (Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, 1999)
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Icelandic director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson blurs the line between sanity and madness, casting doubt on how we come to decide which is which. Paul is living a well-ad… Read more

Caught (Saevar Sigurdsson, 2006)
This sharply told Icelandic film is beautifully acted and directed, with a tone to unsettle the most seasoned short film viewer.--- ... D/S/P Saevar Sigurdsson WS L Icelandic w/English subtitles TD … Read more

CHILDREN (Ragnar Bragason, 2006)
“Reykjavik has never been shown like this before.” - Variety Shot in stylish black and white, Children is a compelling and, at times, darkly humorous look at four intertwined lives in the suburb… Read more

COLD LIGHT (Hilmar Oddsson, 2004)
Cold Light (Kaldaljós)IcelandMagic, catastrophe and loss haunt Grimur's past and they look like intruding on his present. A loner in his 40s, Grimur is gruff and introverted, having no real contac… Read more

Dark Horse (Dagur Kari, )
Daniel (Jakob Cedergren) is a charming slacker, trying to make ends meet through graffiti. When he's not scrawling the names of young women on blank walls for their erstwhile lovers, or tagging for h… Read more

Fire on Heimaey (ósvaldur Knudsen, 1975)
During the night of January 23rd, 1973. a volcanic eruption broke out on Heimaey, the biggest of the Westmann Islands. A fissure then opened only 200 metres from Iceland's most important fishing cent… Read more

HIGHER FORCE, THE (Olaf de Fleur, 2008)
Deadpan slacker absurdity meets mobster high jinks - plus a little kung fu - in this Icelandic comedy from Olaf de Fleur Johannesson. ... Lightweight debt collector David is on the lowest rung on the… Read more

JAR CITY (MA15+) (Baltasar Kormákur, 2006)
“You may imagine Iceland to be a slate-gray purgatory; Jar City will outdo your most depressing fantasies.” - Time Out New YorkA murder mystery with a story that's as chilly as its ice-cold setti… Read more

LAST WINTER, THE (Larry Fessenden, 2006)
“The Last Winter updates The Thing for our own epoch. Only this time, the villain isn't something from outer space: it's us.” - Toronto Film Festival Starring Ron Perlman as a gruff he-man, The … Read more

LITTLE TRIP TO HEAVEN, A (Baltasar Kormákur, 2005)
“A filmmaker enters Coen brothers territory at his own risk. Baltasar Kormákur crosses that border with A Little Trip to Heaven, a film with Fargo on its mind.” - Hollywood Reporter ... A finely… Read more

Man and Factory (Thorgeir Thorgeirsson, 1968)
No comment—but that of the ugliness and noise in a factory. A briskly edited study of workers, their tedium and alienation in the atmosphere of their place of work. ... Read more

NÓI ALBINÓI (Dagur Kári, )
From the country that brought you 101 Reykjavic (MIFF 2001) comes an equally humorous tragi-comedy. High school offers no challenge to the gifted Noi. He spends his days stealing beer to numb the bor… Read more

Prospect of Island (Henry Sandoz, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

screaming masterpiece (Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson, 2005)
"It takes chutzpah to call a pic [Screaming Masterpiece], however tongue-in-cheek it's intended, but as director Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson's flag-waving documentary proves, Icelanders are not sho… Read more

sidasti baerinn (Runar Runarsson, 2004)
Nominated for an Oscar this year as the best live action short film. Hrafn has lost his wife and is about to lose his land, his independence and his dignity. In his desperation he finds a way to keep… Read more

Skagafjordur (Peter Hutton, )
Veteran filmmaker Peter Hutton's latest work is a series of tableaux shot in the landscape of northern Iceland. Extremely simple in structure and breathtakingly beautiful, [Skagafjördur] is an under… Read more

THE ICELANDIC DREAM (Róbert I Douglas, 2000)
A loser in Australia, a tosser in England, whatever term you choose, Toti - the hero of The Icelandic Dream - is no winner. In some ways he's the George Costanza of Reykjavic: the kind of guy who get… Read more

THE SEA (Baltasar Kormákur, 2002)
"The Sea, like director Baltasar Kormakur's predecessor (101 Reykjavik, MIFF 2001), tells the story of a fire-and-ice showdown by spinning what we know of the family drama into a whirl of erotic rede… Read more

This is Iceland (Kjartan Bjarnason, 1960)
A colourful travelogue on modern Iceland from the life and bustle of Reykjavik to the glaciers and hot springs of the more remote inland areas. ... Read more

Two Birds (Runar Runarsson, )
A thematic companion piece to Runarsson's Oscar-nominated short, The Last Farm (MIFF 06), where the main protagonist makes the ultimate sacrifice out of love. --- D/S Runar Runarsson P ZikZak Films W… Read more

Whale Valley (Gudmunder Arnar Gudmundsson, 2013)
Two brothers living in a remote fjord with their parents discover the value of the bond between them. ... D/S Gudmunder Arnar Gudmundsson P Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson, Anton Máni Svansson WS … Read more

WHITE NIGHT WEDDING (Baltasar Kormákur, 2008)
“Kormákur's most assured and ambitious film to date.” - Toronto Film Festival ... Actor-director Baltasar Kormákur (Jar City, MIFF 08) calls his modernised version of Anton Chekhov's play Ivano… Read more

WITCHCRAFT (Hrafn Gunnlaugsson, 1999)
This chilling 17th century saga is a brutal examination of the occult and the consequences of belief, in the physical presence of dark forces, escalating out of control. The Reverend Jón Magnú… Read more

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