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After driving the streets in MIFF 2015’s Tehran Taxi, Jafar Panahi helms and features in this poignant yet playful exploration of oppression – his fourth movie since being banned from filmmaking, screening fresh from Cannes where it won the Best Screenplay award. ... Panahi’s eighth MIFF appearance in his three-decade career, 3 Faces follows the response to an alarming video sent to actress Behnaz... Read more
3 women, 3 generations, 3 journeys. ... Forty-something single mother Minoo is a product of the Islamic Revolution, a generation of women repressed by changes in law under the new Islamic Republic. Her daughter Pegah is a rebellious youth, part of a generation in search of an identity they're yet to find. Together they live with Minoo's mother - three women of three different generations, living i... Read more
"A meta-cinematic detective story set in 1960s Iran, shot through with counter-culture references and magical realism … never less than fascinating." – Screen Daily ... A political prisoner's apparent suicide leads a Chevrolet-driving detective to a desert island in the Persian Gulf. There, events quickly take a turn for the bizarre as the burial appears to trigger an earthquake. A geologist and a... Read more
From acclaimed Iranian writer/director Mohammad Rasoulof, this potent thriller – and winner of the prestigious Un Certain Regard Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival – captures one man’s desperate battle to stand up to a corrupt system. ... Direct from its acclaimed bow at Cannes, the latest from Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof (Manuscripts Don’t Burn, MIFF 2013; Iron Island, MIFF 2005) i... Read more
Sweeping the Berlinale awards with wins for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Actress, A Separation is one of most engrossing films of the year. ... A middle-class Iranian couple, already in the midst of an unpleasant separation, find themselves drawn into a web of half-truths and manipulation after the husband hires a lower-class caretaker for his Alzheimer's-stricken, elderly father. ... Writer-dir... Read more
Like the horses forced to travel the mountain in an involuntary state of intoxication, the children of this film have no recourse but to follow those who promise salvation. High in the mountains of Iranian Kurdistan, five orphaned siblings struggle to fend for themselves-matters made worse by the serious illness of Madi. His siblings look after him as best they can but there is not enough to feed ... Read more
The biggest hurdle Babak faces isn't his disability, but gaining acceptance in his own family. ... Babak is bright and creative, but his physical disability leads his own father to see him as a burden on the family and a hindrance to his younger brother's education. When Babak is confined to his room, sealing him off from the outside world, it will take the intervention of new friends and allies t... Read more
Abbas Kiarostami Recommends Programme 1 IranThe Ladies' (Zananeh)Situated in a public park within the bustling heart of Tehran is a ladies' public toilet. Run by an old woman, it is a shelter for girls and women who gather, talk, laugh, cry and live. Runaway girls, drug dealers, prostitutes and even ordinary women all find an attentive ear and a safe haven where they are unveiled, both physically ... Read more
Celebrated Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami receives a desperate fax from a Ugandan orphan relief organisation. Assistance is urgently needed and a documentary on the subject by so esteemed a filmmaker would help enormously, Kiarostami flies to Uganda on a pre-production scout but soon finds he's making the actual film. ... "Despite years of devastation, bloody civil war and disease—an entire gen... Read more
2001 saw a number of firsts for Kiarostami— his first film shot outside his native Iran, and his first film shot entirely on digital video.Travelling to Uganda, at the request of the United Nations, to document the work being carried at in children's hospitals and orphanages, Kiarostami emerged with the profound ABC Africa. Immersing himself in a new culture and environment and with the freedom of... Read more
“A seamless piece of ensemble filmmaking.” - Tribeca Film Festival jury ... From within the straightjacket of a highly controlled film industry, Iranian visionary Asghar Farhadi (The Beautiful City, Fireworks Wednesday) miraculously emerges with an uncompromising chronicle of middle-class Iranian malaise. ... A group of friends holidaying on the Caspian Sea play matchmaker between a divorcé and sc... Read more
21 women were murdered in a single year in the Iranian holy city of Mashad. Strangled, their bodies were cocooned in their long, black chadors, knotted at both ends and dumped beside roads or in sewers. Iranian media referred to the events as 'The Spider Killings'. Saeed Hanaei, a 39 year old contractor and family man, was eventually captured when one of the victims he had lured into his web punch... Read more
An Iraqi-Kurdish girl faces war and redemption. Australian Premiere.---D/P/S Babak Amini TD DigiBeta/2007/30mins ... Read more
A man trapped on the wrong side of the border begins to take on the identity of a ram in order to escape. ... Read more
A black comedy about a man so fed up with his appearance that he takes drastic measures. ... Read more
The films of Majid Majidi - including Children of Heaven (1999) and The Colour of Paradise (2000) - have captivated MIFF audiences. With Baran, a stand out film at Rotterdam, Toronto and New York Film Festivals, Majidi draws attention to the ongoing and current plight of illegal Afghan workers. ... On a ramshackle construction site in Tehran, a young Afghan, Lateef, furtively grinds out a living i... Read more
Bemani Iran ... Recalling the searing film The Circle (MIFF 2001), this courageous film from Dariush Mehrjui (The Pear Tree, MIFF 1999) examines the tragedy of Iranian women struggling to lead normal lives in an ultraconservative society. Powerful and gripping, Bemani expertly blurs the line between fiction and documentary in its depiction of social relationships. ... Bemani focuses on three young... Read more
For 40 years the cantankerous Esfandiar has prepared corpses for the journey to their final resting places. He works with a dignified widow named Delbar, who washes the bodies of deceased women, and a flighty lad, who incinerates the clothes of the dead. While Esfandiar's mean-spiritedness works against a sense of their community, their shared pariah status draws the three together. While preparin... Read more
A programme of short films curated exclusively for MIFF by Bahman Ghobadi complements the Homelands Now spotlight. It is an eclectic selection from one of the least-known filmmaking cultures in the world. These shorts are not only diverse and stylistically adventurous, but provide a rare glimpse into Kurdish life in the Middle East. ... --- ... D as indicated WS Mij Films L Kurdish w/English subti... Read more
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