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#37 (Joost Rekveld, 2009)
Joost Rekveld's propagation and diffraction of light through holes and grids creates the ultimate visual music for the eye. ... Not in competition ... --- D/S Joost Rekveld P Gerard Holthuis WS Filmb… Read more

.Tibbar (Leo Wentink, )
[.Tibbar] tells the story in reverse (the title spelt backwards reads rabbit) of 20,000 albino rabbits on a breeding farm. In astonishing detail we see the entire lives of these trapped rabbits. The … Read more

14 Episodes (Murad Mazaev, )
The direct and fragmentary narratives of dead, wounded and fleeing civilians and soldiers powerfully conveys the reality of the Russian Chechen conflict in [14 Episodes]. ... --- ... D/P Murad Mazaev… Read more

17th Century Painting in Holland (Hans Sibbellee, 1954)
The work of Dutch painters illustrates life in Holland during the 17th century. ... Read more

2D or not 2D (Paul Driessen, 2004)
2D or Not 2DNetherlands/Canada When Paul Driessen unleashes his legendary imagination, things are never as they seem to be. 2D or Not 2D is a love story that illustrates the human capacity to spin fi… Read more

32A (Marian Quinn, 2007)
"Taking the inevitable step to womanhood is a universal female experience... It's an age when seemingly trivial events have a huge importance." - filmmaker Marian Quinn ... The debut feature from act… Read more

4 ELEMENTS (Jiska Rickels, 2006)
“Four places on earth where fellowship and trust are of existential importance.” - filmmaker Jiska Rickels Following up her award-winning documentary short Days Under, Jiska Rickels completes a … Read more

A Dream Comes True (J. Geesink, 1955)
In this puppet film, a farmer's dream leads him to heaven via the Milky Way where his cans of milk provide an "open sesame" at the Gates and win him a Star of Honour. Hurrah for milk. ... Read more

A Fortified City (Paul De Nooijer, Menno De Nooijer, 1990)
According to the filmmaker, "A Film About Film". More visual gymnastics from Paul De Nooijer. Can you spot Atom Egoyan? (See At One View) (HK) ... Read more

A Girl of Thirteen (Jan Vrijman, 1974)
A thirteen year old girl on the verge of discovering her femininity, plays with fire when she lures a family friend into a compromising situation. ... Read more

A Good Turn Daily (Gerrit Van Dijk, 1983)
The main character in this film, a modern Don Quixote, strives to right the wrongs of the world. However during his struggle he conforms to the deeds of both small and great men in history. Perhaps t… Read more

A KINGDOM FOR A HOUSE (Tilt Film, Meatball, 1980)
One of the most graphic documentaries ever filmed, this records the efforts of squatters to draw attention to the chronic shortage of housing in Holland. The coronation of Queen Beatrix was used as t… Read more

A MORNING OF SIX WEEKS (Nikolai van der Heyde, 1966)
Jimmy is a racing driver; Annette a photographer's model - two people whose professions on the glamour fringe of modern society occupy enough of their time and energy to shroud the essential emptines… Read more

A SHADOW OF DOUBT (Rolf Orthel, 1975)
Historical facts about Westerbork, Auschwitz, and other concentration camps form the basis of an inquiry into how much people could know, and wished to know about 'what was going on in the East' duri… Read more

A SILENT LOVE (René van Nie, 1977)
A court order forbids a man to see his son who is in his wife's care. Longing to see the boy, one day he takes him from school and intends to spend a weekend with him. When his wife alerts the police… Read more

A SKIN TOO FEW: THE DAYS OF NICK DRAKE (Jeroen Berkvens, 2000)
One autumn morning in 1974. Nick Drake was found dead, having left the world three impossibly beautiful albums. Drake died silently, isolated by the grip of a terminal depression. His sensitivity was… Read more

A Sunday on the Island of the Grande Jatte (Frans Weisz, 1965)
A famous Seurat painting forms one of the motifs for this fantasy film, which — as its subtitle, "Seven Authors in Search of a Reader", suggests — deals with the relationship of the autho… Read more

Absurd (Zaev Nirnberg, 1978)
A portrait of a person encountering himself in a modern, urban environment. ... Read more

Adventures in Perception (Han Van Gelder, 1971)
M. L. Escher, the Dutch graphic artist, is a man of international repute. His work is not only highly valued by art-lovers, but also by scientists, who find his drawings perfect illustrations of thei… Read more

All Things Flow (Bert Haanstra, 1951)
An aesthetic study of motion and change in nature made as a personal experiment. A poetic film, in a peaceful, gentle mood, it is visually stunning. ... Read more

Amin (David Dusa, 2007)
A sensitive drama about a boy discovering a world made for adults, about injustice, not just between authorities and individuals, but also between father and son.--- ... D/S David Dusa P Vanessa Cisz… Read more

An Army of Hewn Stone (Theo Van Haren Norman, 1957)
In a moving combination, Netherlands war memorials and Resistance monuments tell the story of war, oppression, resistance, hunger and liberation. The commentary is composed of poems written by patrio… Read more

And There Was No More Sea (Bert Haanstra, 1956)
A vanishing way of life in the Netherlands: before it was too late Haanstra was com¬missioned to preserve a picture of life round the former Zuiderzee with its colourful costumes and traditions ... Read more

And They Named It Holland (Gerard Raucamp, 1968)
A helicopter's eye view of The Netherlands revealed through its geographical history from the Ice Age through the formation of its landscape by interplay of wind and water, its flora, fauna, and at l… Read more

ANOTHER MOTHER (Paula van der Oest, 1996)
The fall of Communism in Eastern Europe did not only affect countries. The ordinary human lives that were shattered should not be forgotten. In a decaying Latvia with appalling economic conditions an… Read more

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