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...; Farang; etc. (Watanapun Krutasaen, Tippawan Ornsri, Kittipong Mongkol, Parinda Ornit, 1992)
An unknown foreigner's vision of the unreal Bangkok. ... We call Western foreigners farang. Thai is not their native tongue... ... Why do they come to Thailand? What do they want here? Do they come b… Read more

6IXTYNIN9 (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2004)
6ixtynin9 (Ruang Talok 69) Thailand ... Pen-ek Ratanaruang's second feature is a macabre black comedy that highlights his talents as a filmmaker who can successfully mix genres. Leaving both critics … Read more

6IXTYNIN9 (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 1999)
After losing her job due to downsizing, Tum despairs until a noodle carton chock full of cash is wrongly delivered to her door (a simple but superb visual gag explained in the title). When a pair of … Read more

A Letter To Uncle Boonmee (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2009)
“Uncle… I have been here for a while. I would like to see a movie about your life. So I proposed a project about reincarnation.” ... --- ... D/S Apichatpong Weerasethakul P Simon Field, Kei… Read more

BLISSFULLY YOURS (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2003)
A languid and sensual meditation on love, Blissfully Yours is a sumptuous new offering from Thailand. ... Min is an illegal Burmese immigrant, living in Thailand and in desperate need of a forged ID.… Read more

Blue - Blind (Byron Black, 1985)
A transvestite enthusiastically sings about nightfall. Secondary sounds ... and hands push their way Into the frame to disturb the performance. ... Black plays with the allure of the star, the concep… Read more

Boonthing (Hamer Salwala, Saipin Kulkanokwan, Orawan Ovathasarn, 1992)
A story of a man who wishes to see through and visualise people's thoughts and feelings... Boonthing is a young salesman caught between conflicting desires and expectations, in a lonely city full of … Read more

BUTTERFLY AND FLOWERS (Euthana Mukdasnit, 1985)
Euthana Mukdasnit's film (winner of the Grand Prix at last December's Hawaii Film Festival) was a dream project that he waited years to make, and the result is very far from the melodramatic mainstre… Read more

CHANG (Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack, 1927)
... ... In 1927, the explorer-filrrunaker team Schoed­sack and Cooper travelled to the Siamese rain forest to shoot this adventure extravagan­za. An obvious prototype for their 1933 epic King… Read more

CHOCOLATE (Prachya Pinkaew, 2008)
A special needs girl with a special need to kick some ass. ... With its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, Chocolate unleashes a new type of heroine - a martial-arts master with lightning-quick refl… Read more

City Dog (Koson Trongtosak, Sathien Preedasa, Chavalit Pothisri, Amnuay Mungmessri, 1992)
A man has to put up with his environment. He has to stand it. His life is no different from a dog's. ... The film aims to present the man's mental confusion by means of fast-moving, rotating images. … Read more

Enlightenment (Tanon Sattarujawong, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

ETERNITY (Sivaroj Kongsakul, 2010)
Winner of a Tiger award for Best Picture at the 2011 International Film Festival Rotterdam. ... Sivaroj Kongsakul makes a startling feature film debut with Eternity, a patient, consuming, all-encompa… Read more

EYE, THE (Oxide Pang, 2004)
The Eye (Gin Gwai) Thailand/Hong Kong Twin brothers Danny and Oxide Pang take audiences on a suspenseful ride in this atmospheric psychological thriller. Taking the action from the hectic streets of … Read more

Film Therapy (Somchat Bangjang, Soontorn Meesri, Pracha Suveeranont, Nimit Pipitkul, 1992)
The man is alienated from society. He is searching for something to fulfil his desires... ... "When four people make a film together, the task becomes difficult although we don't always think the sam… Read more

GUNMAN (Chatrichalerm Yukol, 1983)
Best friends are forced to face each other in a violent confrontation when one joins the police force and the other becomes a criminal. An action-packed adventure film which is also an indictment of … Read more

HEADSHOT (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2011)
Visionary director Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Ploy, MIFF 08) returns with another dreamlike journey through Bangkok's criminal underworld. ... When a job goes terribly wrong, cop-turned-hitman Tul suffers a… Read more

HI-SO (Aditya Assarat, 2010)
"Things change quickly, so this film should be a snapshot of the way things are now. Like a polaroid, as soon as you take it, it's already fading into the past." - Aditya Assarat ... With his second … Read more

INVISIBLE WAVES (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2005)
“If Jacques Tati, the French comic absurdist, had ever made a gangster thriller, it probably would have looked like Invisible Waves.” - Hollywood Reporter This ethereal existential offering from … Read more

Land of the Laugh (Manit Sriwanichapoom, Yutthasak Choomphonsatien, Siwaporn Pongsuwan, Kompin Kemgumnird, 1992)
An illustration of a woman's thoughts which tell a story of the struggle for freedom, for democracy... ... In undeveloped and developing countries, a coup d'etat or a violent seizure of power from an… Read more

LAST LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2004)
Last Life in the Universe Thailand Kenji (Japanese star Asano Tadanobu, also appearing in the Festival this year in Atrichia, Bright Future and Dead End Run) is a suicide obsessed Japanese man living… Read more

MEKHONG FULL MOON PARTY (Jira Maligool, 2004)
Mekhong Full Moon Party (Sip Ha Kam Duen Sip Ed) ThailandEvery year on the 11th full moon, large crowds from far and wide gather on the banks of the Mekhong River in the remote Is an province of nort… Read more

MON-RAK TRANSISTOR (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2004)
Mon-Rak Transistor Thailand Living up to the promise shown in 6ixtynin9,Pen-ek's third feature catapulted the young Thai director firmly onto the world stage as Mon-Rak Transistor was selected for th… Read more

MON-RAK TRANSISTOR (Pen-ek Ratanaruang, 2001)
Straight to MIFF from Directors' Fortnight at Cannes 2002, Pen-ek Ratanaruang's third feature - following Fun Bar Karaoke (1997) and 6ixtynin9 (MIFF 2000) - is a romantic action musical comedy with, … Read more

NAK (Nattapong Ratanachoksirikul, 2008)
“Chock-full of exuberant characters, lively action, and a variety of emotional and toe-tapping songs.” - Seattle Film Festival ... The ghosts of Thai folklore gather in this high-spirited 3D anim… Read more

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