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A Heron and a Stork (Yuri Norstein, 1975)
This is a film, made for adults, based on a Russian folk tale. It tells the story of the unsuccessful matchmaking of a stork and a heron. ... Read more

A Work of Art (M. Kovalyov, 1960)
A grateful patient sends the family doctor a bronze statue of embarrassing nudity. He hurriedly makes a present of it to his lawyer, starting the odyssey of this disturbing work of art... ... Read more

A YOUNG COMPOSER'S JOURNEY (Georgi Schengelaja, 1985)
Georgi Schengelaja's comic drama involves the journey of a young folk musician in Georgia in 1908, who unwittingly finds himself in the midst of a middle-class and peasant revolt against the Tsar. Hi… Read more

Alexander Nevsky (S. M. Eisenstein, 1938)
During the 13th Century Russia was endangered by the invasion of the Teutonic Knights, the founders of Prussia. Under the leadership of Prince Alexander Nevsky the Russians unite and counter the Germ… Read more

ALL IS LEFT TO THE PEOPLE (Georgy Natanson, 1963)
Ageing, gravely ill, physicist Dronov is engaged in the development of a space engine, when his doctor orders htm to stop working. He hands over the direction of his experiments to his favourite pupi… Read more

All the Money with the Purse (V. Mnatsakanov, 1981)
A short film which begins with a village ... family reunion... ... Read more

AN OFFICE AFFAIR (E. Riazanov, 1977)
Eldar Riazanov has made a number of comedies, including the highly successful Watch That Car, shown at an earlier Festival. An Office Affair is set in a statistical office in Moscow.The head of the o… Read more

ANDREI ROUBLEV (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1966)
Andrei Roublev is the second film of award-winning director Andrei Tarkovsky. Ivan's Childhood, Roublev and Solaris have all been awarded prizes at major film festivals. Roublev, made in 1966, has be… Read more

ASYA'S HAPPINESS (Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, 1966)
... ... Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, brother of Nikica Mikhalkov, has of late been working outside of the Soviet Union on a number of American financed projects such as Mario's Lovers, Shy People a… Read more

AUTUMN MARATHON (Georgi Daniela, 1979)
Autumn Marathon tells of a gentle-souled English translator in Leningrad who can't keep his private affairs apart from his duties - that is, he has a mistress on the side and a wife he loves. In addi… Read more

“5/4” (Ivan Maximov, 1990)
Featuring "Take 5" Dave Brubeck and sax Paul Desmond, a playful look at the Soviet economy - the inefficiency, repetitiveness and futility. ... Read more

Balance of Fear (Fedor Khitruk, 1975)
Will the arms race ever stop? ... Read more

Four former World War II veterans meet after 25 years, at the funeral of a fifth friend. Radio operator Dubinsky is now a bookkeeper; demolition man Kiryushin is a journalist; the former commander of… Read more

Between Two Worlds (G. Brusse, 1962)
An interesting study of the region where the world of plants and animals overlap. ... Read more

BLACK SQUARE (Iossif Pasternak, 1988)
If perestroika seems slow to influence Soviet features, its effect on documentaries is clear in Black Square, an original and lively look at 20th century avant-garde painting in the USSR. ... Directe… Read more

Breakfast on the Grass (Priit Pärn, 1989)
Anna, George, Berta and Edward live in a world of bureaucracy. An animated fantasy, inspired by the famous painting by Manet. ... Multi-award winner from Estonia., including Grand Prix and Critics Pr… Read more

BRIEF ENCOUNTERS (Kira Muratova, 1967)
Another curiously withheld Soviet film dating from 1967, this hitherto unknown work is one of the most sought-after Soviet entries on the festival circuit this year Made when she was 35, Muratova dir… Read more

Carousella (John Irvin, 1965)
A documentary about the lives of three strip-tease girls - Tina, Julie and Katy. The sordid world of the Soho Strip Club is their work place, but their private lives are no different from those of an… Read more

Chuk and Gek (L. Lukinsky, 1954)
Chuk and Gek is the story of two four-year-olds and their adventures in a deserted mountain hut high up in the Blue Mountains. The performances of the two strange, gnome-like little urchins are mirac… Read more

CINEMA (Liana Eliava, 1979)
Sosiko's parents had sent their son to study in Paris. He comes home with the camera of the Lumiere brothers. The young man wanders through the streets of Tiflis photographing ever so many scenes: th… Read more

Conquest for Muzjilgi (M. Slavinskaya, 1955)
In July, 1955, the inhabitants of Osh, a town in Kirghizia, witnessed the departure of a mountaineering party which set out to scale the heights of the Mazar Range in northwestern Pamirs. Though not … Read more

Day in our Life (R. Karmen, 1959)
36 cameramen collected material on the 16th September 1959 from many parts of the Soviet Union to give a kaleidoscopic impression of the life of its people. ... Read more

DECLARATION OF LOVE (Ilya Averbach, 1978)
Filippok, an elderly writer, visits his wife, Zinochka, in hospital. He presents her with an edition of his new book, which is a collection of autobiographical reminiscences. The film then moves into… Read more

Defence Councel Sedov (Yevgeny Tsymbal, 1988)
Late one evening in Moscow in 1937, Defence Councel Sedov hears a knock at the door. Three women whose agronomist husbands have been sentenced to death for alleged sabotage beg him to take on the see… Read more

DESTINY OF A MAN (Sergei Bondarchuk, 1960)
"In the beginning I led a very ordinary life. . ." This is the way Andrei Sokolov, the hero of A Man's Destiny by Mikhail Sholokhov, starts to tell us about himself. A simple, unadorned story of a pl… Read more

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