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CARGO 200 (Aleksey Balabanov, 2007)
"In its lawlessness and chaos, the Russia of 1984 was every bit as grotesque as anything dreamed up in the realms of modernist fiction." - Screen Daily ... Set on the eve of Perestroika, Cargo 200 re… Read more

MORPHIA (Aleksey Balabanov, 2008)
“A talented man is on a downward path until he hits rock bottom. That happens pretty often. And not just because of drugs. There are a lot of temptations all around.” - filmmaker Aleksey Balabanov Read more

OF FREAKS AND MEN (Aleksey Balabanov, 1998)
Turn of the century St Petersburg: two respectable families come under the scrutiny of Johann, a malicious pornographer, and his sinister, grinning accomplice. Johann's discreetly perverse spanking p… Read more

THE WAR (Aleksey Balabanov, 2002)
Set in Chechnya and England, The War is an adventure story that mixes satire, action and broad humour to expose the brutalities of war. ... During the war in Chechnya, guerilla fighters take as hosta… Read more

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